Horizon FAQ

Welcome to the Horizon FAQ page. This document covers common questions and troubleshooting issues. It will be regularly updated as we receive new feedback. If your question is not listed, please reach out to the team.


What is Horizon?

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NH Application Walkthrough

Video Walkthrough of the Horizon Application

Horizon is a Web3 startup support platform built on the NEAR BOS.

Horizon’s mission is to attract high-quality founders and support their growth by facilitating connections with the right resources all in one place.

What stage should my project be at before joining Horizon?

Horizon can help you at any stage of your startup journey. With both guided and self-guided paths, you can connect to the resources and people you need to get to the next step towards a successful launch. To begin, simply create a project profile.

How do I get started?

1. Create a NEAR account if you don't have one
account create

2. If you are a founder of a project, create a project in the project page.
project create

3. Explore and discover Horizon
horizon app landing page

4.Video explainer
horizon app walkthrough

5. Additional help
horizon help page

Where do I find help?

Horizon help page

Email Horizon Team: horizon@near.foundation

Email NEAR Foundation Team:hello@near.foundation


Common issues:

How do I find projects

You can search all current projects on the NEAR Horizon Application page

Project search

In addition to the search bar, you can apply various filters to your search

Project search

There is also a sort feature for displaying results

Project search

Are there analytics?

Yes! The main application page will display ecosystem stats from Atlas. We also use Flipside to collect on-chain data.

atlas stats

I tried to create a project but the transaction didn’t go through, I got an error message similar to this:


This error is caused when creating a project with an account different than the users NEAR Discovery account that is actively logged in: (e.g. janedoe.near is creating a project for janedoeproject.near)

Your project has its own account. In order to add admins on a project, including yourself, you must log in with the project account id, and visit the link to grant appropriate permissions to yourself and your team. Once completed, log back in with your user account (the account you are using now) to complete the setup process.

I don’t know how to claim a project

Claiming a project can be done in two simple steps:

1. On the project's profile page, click "Claim Project"


2. Complete and submit the form that appears. The Horizon team will review your request and add you as the admin to the project.