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Encode Educate

Intro to NEAR and Horizon

NEAR Horzion x Encode Club Educate Series kickoff with an intro to NEAR and Horizon.

Build Components on the BOS

Guillermo Gallardo from Pagoda demonstrates how to quickly build components on the BOS.

Discover Calimero

Fran Domović from Calimero talks about the Calimero console and private sharding.

Aurora Cloud

Slava Karkunov from Aurora talks about ERC-6551 and gasless transactions.

Octopus 2.0

Octopus 2.0 = NEAR IBC + $NEAR Restaking' workshop.

How to Decentralize any Frontend with BOS

MJ of Proximity Labs hosts an insightful workshop on BOS frontends

Deploying NFT Marketplaces

Luis Freitas of Mintbase teaches us how to deploy NFT marketplaces on NEAR.

Business Development Basics

Product Market Fit Survey

Free tool that helps you run the Sean Ellis test and measure your company’s product/market fit.

Essential Startup Advice

Y Combinator's collection of tips they consider the most important, transformative advice for startups

How to Plan an MVP

Y Combinator Managing Director Michael Seibel shares his approach to building an MVP and getting your first users

Startup Ecosystem Canvas

Template for plotting out your local ecosystem to help newcomers

Designing a Better Pitch Deck

Here’s how to make a solid Demo Day slide deck.

Legal & HR

Legal Checklist

Overview of the regulatory best practices

Dapp Legal Structure

Article about the legal structure of decentralized apps

NEAR Careers Portal

Discover open roles available within the NEAR Ecosystem, and you can also post open roles within your team as well

SAFE Template

SAFE (simple agreement for future equity) for early-stage fundraising

Launching A Token

Key considerations before launching and promoting a token

Growth & Marketing

Growth & Marketing Toolkit

In-depth overview of best practices and proven strategies for growth & marketing your project in the Web3/crypto space

NEAR Builders

Community groups focused on building and growing the NEAR ecosystem

NEAR Workshops

Free live educational content series tailored to teaching developers the latest tooling, SDKs, and APIs across NEAR

Ecosystem Calendar

Wider visibility into upcoming events, launches, Twitter Spaces, campaigns, etc... Make sure to submit yours!


Facilitates the allocation of Community funds for marketing activities under $10,000


Blockchain Operating System (BOS)

The gateway to Web3. Build and use Web3 components for any chain or protocol


Your entry point to using NEAR's tech stack

NEAR GPT-3 Docs Chat

Leverage the power of GPT-3 to get answers to your technical questions about NEAR


The first-ever Web3 startup platform, and main core protocol contributor of NEAR Protocol


Decentralized Scheduling for Blockchain Transactions


Local development and testing environments for developers in the NEAR ecosystem


Allowing deployment of a customisable, easy to use private shard with built-in privacy features


A peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol to make the web faster, safer, and more open

The Graph

Developer tools to process blockchain events and make the resulting data easily available

NEAR Wallet Selector

Provides an abstraction over various wallets within the NEAR ecosystem

Seda (formerly Flux)

Serving as the trust-less data layer for Web3


The NEAR MetaBUILD hackathons will feature exciting themes focused on solving real-world problems.

Aurora EVM

Aurora is an EVM solution built on the NEAR Protocol

Octopus Network

Multichain interoperable crypto-network for launching and running Web3 substrate-based, EVM compatible Appchains


Onboarding toolkit for builders and dApp creators